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1.Find your swim level

2.Fill out swim inquiry form under the swim forms tab

3.Wait for gym to contact you

4.Confirm lesson time

5.Complete registration policy form under the swim forms

  • We currently offer 1:1 and 1:2 lessons. 

  • All lessons are 30 minutes

  • 1:1 lessons are $80 per lesson and 1:2 are $58 per child per lesson

  • For more information on pricing and policies, please refer to the pricing and policies drop-down tab under aquatics/swimming 

Level 1

  • Get in water, but doesn't submerge head

  • Uses floaties or assistance in pool 

Level 2  (goldfish)

  • Can front/ back float with minimal assistance

  • Swim or stand in 3 feet independently 

  • Swims underwater

Level 3 (Dolphin)

  • Tread water for at least 30 seconds

  • Swim in at least 5 feet deep water 

  • Beginning to learn basic strokes

  • Swim on front and back with arms


  • 1 lap of each; freestyle with side breathing, back stroke and elementary back stroke

  • Tread water for at least 2 minutes

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